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  • Is your printer a LaserJet or inkjet?

  • Katie S sagt:

    That hail storm was amazing. It's funny because a few days ago I was watching another craft video from a young lady in Australia she had done the video during a thunderstorm and it sounded like it was right over her house and even she was commenting about the storm during the video. She posts a few videos a week and she's got 2 channels Let's Get Inkie and Inkie Quill. I'm going to have a look that shabby chic channel you found sounds interesting. I hope something can be sorted out with Ryanna. That kid has been through a lot.

  • Lorie Hill sagt:

    Wow what a thunderstorm that was ! Poor Ryanna I know I am a newer subscriber but I remember some of the older videos Ryanna had more sparkle in her eyes makes me so sad…. we were told my son when he was 7 ( many years ago ) needed to be put on Ridalin and I demanded more testing first ….turned out he had severe allergy to certain food coloring namely the ones that were in juices being served at the school. So needless to say once that was discontinued he was fine…..I hope they allow you to put some input into your thoughts on Ryanna……

  • Wow. You have had a week!!! I would put up with an employee with an attitude. See ya girlie. Lol. My heart breaks for Ryanna. It's like her bright like has been blown out. I sure hope you get some answers. It's been my experience in child care that there is a protocol to putting children on those meds. There's testing and talking to teachers etc. I don't get it. Sending hugs. Carla.

  • Ridalin has a history of causing the “zombie affect”. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD in 3rd grade. Medication wasn’t prescribed until after a number of medical tests including several observation sessions of behavior both alone and in a group. She was put on a low dose of Adderall which we only had to give her on school days when she needed more concentration. It can also cause sleeping problems so we had to be strict about the time of day we gave it to her so that the meds were wearing off by bedtime. And her doctor also suggested classes that taught her to recognize signs of when she wasn’t focused and ways to get herself back on task. After less than 3 years she was able to stop the medication completely. She is now a straight A student and able to keep herself focused on her own.

  • I will keep Ryannah in prayer.

  • My oldest grandson has Aspergers and never got thehelp he needed in school. He also is ADHD so when he went to college. He failed his first semester with an incomplete because he did not finish his asssignments. He has a genius IQ and aces all the tests just did not do the work. He needed meds but my daughter did not have insurance so could not get the meds. Anyway, he is now 24, working part time at Barnes and Noble for 4 years and living on his own and seems happy so he has learned to deal with his condition. He was never on Ritalin,he had Adderal when he could get meds and also counseling.

  • Oh I wouldn't have thrown that card stock away–use the back side for something that would be glued down, or for sketching out your ideas

  • Regards to your printer most companies have problem solving to questions on their website

  • My printer did this also and I tried everything, I ended up having to get a new printer.

  • Thanks for the read of my comment. I made the name like the "Johnny Come Lately" song because I feel like the new kid in town, although it's been 4 years now and I am not the newest. Love your creations and your vlog.

  • Danna Immoos sagt:

    Maybe it’s the brand of ink How about alignment.

  • Maybe you can get a second opinion on your granddaughters diagnosis. ADHD is a chemical imbalance so a brain scan may not produce a definitive diagnosis. I wish I could go more in depth about my story with ADHD but it is hard to share something so personal. I wish those who make her medical decisions success in this journey….the weight of 'should I medicate' or 'shouldn't I medicate' is something that tears at your heart and soul. I am praying for your granddaughter.

  • Love hearing and seeing the hail, I love storms too, ( but I have be at home if possible). I too, thought autistic for Ryanna, There are different degrees of autism, never thought she was ADD. Maybe get a second opinion also. We have to be advocates and a voice for them, because I would want the BEST care for mine. 25 years ago the school said my son was ADHD, so I took him to pediatrician, he said no way, no meds, he was correct, he just had more one on one at school, graduated just fine, quite responsible too. Hope you figure this out soon… for her sake.

  • Have you checked your settings for printing? Most printers have drop down boxes when you go to print where you choose the quality of print and the type of paper/card you are printing on. My prints have lines if I don't choose the right settings.

  • I love thunder storms!!!!

  • A. E. sagt:

    This is completely just an off the cuff observation, but have they looked into autism spectrum as far as Ryanna? High functioning autism used to be called Asperger's but is now lumped in with all autism. My son and I have it, and I've been watching you since 2015 and have often thought you might eventually tell us that Ryanna has it just from what I've seen in videos over the years. It presents differently in girls than boys and can be mistaken for ADD. People with high functioning Autism usually have a high IQ but lack social skills and the ability to properly read social situations. They are usually very obsessive about particular interests and can be repetitive with routines. Girls on the spectrum usually learn to mimic and act "normal", so the diagnosis can be missed even though they are struggling. Medication doesn't help unless for comorbids that are common with it like OCD and anxiety. I started out not knowing anything about it but have researched it to death and now think of myself as an expert at spotting the signs in others. I may be way off though. You may even have mentioned it, but I haven't had the time to watch all of your vlogs like I used to, so I've skimmed a lot. People with high functioning Autism are usually very gifted and have contributed great ideas and inventions to society. Bill Gates is thought to be Autistic. It's not a disorder but a different way of thinking and processing. Cognitive therapy to teach social skills is very effective.

  • How very interesting that the teacher recommended medication for Ryanna. At least in my state, that is illegal. Teachers can describe behaviors, but they cannot diagnose. When I was teaching we were never allowed to discuss ADHD unless parents brought it up. Hmmmmm……..

  • Naomi West sagt:

    Loved seeing & hearing the hail. Do you use a compatible ink cartridge? Sometimes they do effect the picture quality. Instead of chucking out the card can you use the back for die cutting or stamping? Now you're one employee down instead of looking for someone else can you take on Savannah & start training her up? Really hope things get sorted for your grandbaby, can you get a second opinion?

  • Glynis Cook sagt:

    Hi Rina you could try the Print Head Alignment which should be in the advanced print settings!
    I hope and pray the situation with Rhianna gets sorted soon its heart breaking to see her going through this.

  • Marieville55 sagt:

    I have heard that the white lines are caused by clogged nozzles that aren't dispensing ink.

  • Firstly I did say in my previous comment that it does take several months to get the medication dosage right ! Maybe her dose isn’t right , secondly I did also say that I know you have her best interest at heart. I also stated that we as your subbies only see a snippet of her life via YouTube and therefore it was not right for us to judge. I spoke about my daughter as like Shane she was a danger to herself , she would climb out of our living room window and go play in the snow in her pants and vest , she would run into the road , she couldn’t sit still , couldn’t watch tv for longer than 5 mins , left the house in the middle of the night , so we had alarms on the doors ! She was diagnosed at the age of 7 , she never had a brain scan , in actual fact we was told that adhd does not show up on a scan or MRI , it is a chemical imbalance , Chelsea was diagnosed over several months with a behavioural pediatrician consultant , plus both us as parents and her teachers had to fill out questionnaires about her behaviour and her actions. It was only after about 6 months we had a diagnoses , no scan ! we tried for 2 years other kinds of therapies for her , none of which worked , she was failing at school and so we took the decision to medicate. We tried various different medications , so like I said before , it maybe that they have the dosage wrong , or that she is on the wrong type of medication. I don’t know as I don’t see her everyday. I was unaware that you had gone through this with Shane so I posted my comment in the view that it might help you to better understand the reasoning behind having her medicated , I still say , that if Ritalin is given to somebody who doesn’t have hyperactivity , then it would have the opposite effect as Ritalin is a form of speed and makes you hyper. I am not an expert , merely a mum who has been through a do we or don’t we medicate our child. Blessings Sarah xx

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