A look at a few vintage framed ruck sacks, and why I still use them today..Real camping enthusiasts will love theses…




  • The guys here love modded ALICE packs. I got given a USGI molle 2 large rucksack with the polycarbonate frame. Once I got it adjusted, its weight just disappeared. Can position it high or low to load and preference. Downside is they like to keep the top low for situational awareness and snagging. Agree with water in the webbing!

  • Sir White sagt:

    Dear Bexbugoutsurvior…Sir, it's great to see you. How you doing? Remember the big Green Veitnam back pack isnt that similar? I bought one after one of you're ace reviews. I'm using it regularly to pick up 6 packs of one plus half litre water along with shopping it's comfy I love pulling the straps tight then walking home up hills what not good fitness. Your keeping well, Great show. Looking forward to a camp of yours to watch asp. Good luck on the Car Boot for shoulder straps. Ihope your not thinking of going homeless camping on a traffic Island again. Send my Love to your dear Missus. Good Luck Tuff Guy.Your amazing. From Craig Lee White.

  • Blacktimberw sagt:

    The PLCE infantry bergens weigh nearer 3 kg empty. My first real rucksack was a Karrimor annapurna ll, an external framed pack & it cost a week's wages in 1979…LOL… was a good bag & I used it extensively during the 80's & early 90's but once I started using an internal framed pack I couldn't go back to carrying external frames. I am a little nostalgic though & when an annapurna ll pops up on ebay, the old ticker beats a little faster & I'm always tempted to pull the trigger but I would never use it.
    I usually carry around 20kg & an internal framed pack with good shoulder straps & a hefty waist belt carries the weight much better than an external framed ruck, does for me anyway.

  • Tim Smith sagt:

    That orange ebay find, early eighties i carried one of them for a month in the arctic circle. Most uncomfortable bastard thing i've ever used. Only thing that frame was good for was as a brake while sliding on my arse down a 45 degree slope in a foot of snow.
    Happy days!

  • mrspudly1 sagt:

    Try and get yourself a Royal Marine Arctic Bergan, L frame same as your video made by Karimorr and realy well padded straps. Main compartment is about 100 ltr with side pockets and a pocket on the lid.

  • neil castell sagt:

    i keep thinking of getting a frame and designing my own pack for it,
    currently i'm using a sas bergen with external frame,
    (i have two vintage 'bergens of norway' rucksacks on ebay, i sold one already for £65
    so you might have found a good niche if you can pick up rucks on the cheap)

  • jim7115 sagt:

    hey bex you should check out the EBERLESTOCK J51/WARHAMMER

  • jim7115 sagt:

    hey bex!!!
    you should check out EBERLESTOCK PACKS!!!

  • I hate my bergan lately!!
    I've been doing at least 6mile every morning with about 30 kg,,, I call my bergan Haley after my X coz it's breaking my back! woca woca woca!
    I've a Lk 35 I used for a day two but I need a more padded waist belt to carry that amount of weight in it, framed packs still have their place, all the best my mate

  • Mr Camoron sagt:

    Still cant beat the good old soldier 2000 NI Patrol packs DPM 35 L!

  • Dan The Man sagt:

    Hi ya Mr Bex sir…..
    Having a cup of tea watching your vid…life is good.
    Santa brought me a alice pack large for Christmas….and it is just awesome..i love it…being my first frame pack it seems to be good on the old back..
    I have been sorting out all my bug out stuff recently and doing my research on equipment and skills needed for permanent life outside if the SHTF …..and learning how and what to use to replace everyday essentials…….The more you can use in nature the lighter the backpack will be………..well thats what i am thinking lol….
    The best way to try things out is to go out and test things…and try things and see whats works or does'nt…best to test things in peace time..(well peaceish…lol)…I love army surplus stuff myself..
    Anyway love your vids mate….
    Take care of yourself and the family

  • Mike Boone sagt:

    I've been using the Alice 1 for probably 50 years, all the kids used the same then when they became independent they bought the newer styles of packs over the years . And now guess what there all back to the Alice 1 and there kids are wearing there parents old Alice 2 . What I did do the all that Alice packs is converted the tray I dropped it 5 inches . And there all keepers, not a light frame but bullet proof. When I was kid no every gave a second thought to weight you just carried what you needed and we all survived and we never went anywhere you could resupply every few days we took what we needed for a week or 2 what ever it was . But great video Bex as always this one just hit home with me . Happy Trails

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