Vintage Culture, Adam K – Pour Over (Official Music Video)

It has been quite some time that I’ve been looking to create something that would evoke a new feeling, quite unexpected even, in this relationship.

In this pursuit for innovation without losing the core essence, “Pour Over” was conceived, one of the tracks I enjoyed the most to produce and, now, to present it to you.

Thank you so much for allowing me to experiment, for offering the necessary confidence to play the open field of creative freedom, without this trust none of this would be possible…

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Production: Usina Reality Films
Creative Executive Producer: Marcel Woo
Executive Producer: Kim Jackson
Director: Lipp Sant’angelo
Assistant Director: Isadora Wertheimer
Unit Producion Manager: Camila Ziviani
Unit Producion Manager: Daniel Favaretto
Producer: Andrea Voltarelli
Producer: Marta Tramonti
Producer: Fabíola Quaglietta
Producer: Patrícia Aguiar
Producer Assistant: Wellington Copido
Producer Assistant: Rafael Siledes
Cinematographer: Daniel Belinky
Camera Crew: Patricia Gimenez
Camera Crew: Jeferson Lino
Camera Crew: Julia Belinky
Camera Crew: Vitor Pollini
Camera Crew: Dariely Belke
Camera Crew: Lucas Pupo
Gaffer: Hugo Calazans Nyerges
Gaffer: Rodolfo Melo
Eletricians: Moacir Monteiro Filho
Eletricians: Giovanni Gomes Araújo
Eletricians: Jefferson Ferreira da Silva
Key Gripp: Carlos Fidelis
Gripps: Rui Mauriti Nunes Araújo
Gripps: Alváro Bispo
Gripps: Fábio da Silva (Bigode)
Gripps: Orlando Jesus Francisco
Production Designer: Guta Carvalho
Art Assistant: Fernanda Galvão
Costumer Designer: David Pollak
Assistant Costumer Designer: Maria Rocha
Costumer: Rosely de Fátima Berça
Make Up: Vanessa Rozan
Assistant Make Up: Monique Lemos
Hair: Vito Mariela
Contra Regra: Izaias Alves Barbosa
Special Effects: Luiz Fabiano Caldeira
Assistant Special Effects: Luiz Carlos Natalino Ribeiro
Assistant Special Effects: Flavio Rogerio Rodriges Costa
Casting Manager: Jaque Teodoro
Casting Production Assistant: Danielle Germano
Editor: Jon Kadocsa
Color Grade: Marcelo Cosme
Casting: Lukas Ruiz
Casting: Catarina Garcia
Casting: Ygor Zago



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