Vintage Camper Tour, 1972 Shasta Compact! Retro!

Vintage Camper, Shasta Compact Garage Kept Since 1972! Retro!

This is my 1972 Shasta Compact! I have been searching for a vintage camper for a long time and after searching for over six months waiting and have multiple trailers sold out from under me I found the perfect camper! This is an all original 1972 Shasta Compact Camper that has been Garage kept all its life! It is complete down to the smallest detail Now I know what you are all thinking Its ashame that this camper has been inside all of its life and has 2 live outside in the hot sun and the freezing winters But after feeling guilty about that myself it is now safely stored indoors at my storage unit! I cant wit to take this camper out with my family! Me and my mother both love metal detecting and treasure hunting! One of our favorite places 2 search is at a special beach in Delaware and after a good storm there are incredible things 2 be found because of the loss of sand! But right after a big storm it can be tricky to find a place 2 stay so we got this and look forward to all the adventures it will take us on! Thank you guys for watching and I hope you come back to this channel for updates on the camper!



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