Shabby Chic Candy Cane Tutorial Part 2


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  • I would like to hear your voice again. As women we should stick together! If someone felt you were inappropriate, why not just send a personal note and help you and not try to control how you do your channel. If they don't like it, then don't look at it. From all of your previous comments, it appears that 99% want and need to hear your voice, your instructions and the happy spirit. No one is perfect so no stones should be thrown. I ask you to please keep your voice in future because it's why you have plenty of subscribers. I love all of your videos. ❤ P.S. You uploaded this video on my wedding day (a weekday)

  • Deb M sagt:

    that was a beautiful bow. Why did u cover it up? It's nice to hear you explain things but do prefer not to listen to all that chit chat going on. Perhaps u can just stick to explaining your projects, all that talking going on makes the videos too long and I have to say I don't miss hearing the cuss words.

  • Gina James sagt:

    I am so hooked on your tutorials now and love them and thank you so very much for your help and money saving ideas! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, Gina ~

  • Lea Kiefer sagt:

    Your work is beautiful Angela. Please go back to talking to us. Thanks.

  • Wow!!! How lovely your work is! I really enjoy watching others create as you can learn so many little tips and tricks along the way. I just saw your Zutter bow-it-all and I have never seen one of those. Nice little tool!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • I don't understand why you put all that time in making that beautiful bow then covered it up.

  • Jessica Eiss sagt:

    I have no idea what happened last night, but other videos have been so distracting, until you mute the other's with their background noises, that I've almost turned them off….I've just never commented about it before. Do what you want to do, it's your channel, but just listen to what other's are saying as far as negative feedback, as it might be helpful.

  • Tammy LT sagt:

    I had to leave last night because I had sick kid in bed with me. I came back today to watch (so excited to see how this turned out) and was saddened to find that you weren't talking.

    My preference is certainly to listen to you talk, and respond to texts. I don't necessarily like multiple people speaking out loud, but I enjoy listening to you narrate on your own and respond to viewer chat.

    The final result is stunning, btw.

  • Angela, Boy I was never offended by what was being said on your tutorials. I personally do not like the Live videos because it just seems as though the presenter is often so involved with the people in "the know" that the people "not in the know" are kind of left well "not knowing". Even that does not explain why I don't like it. If you guys want to do Live tutorials then by all means do them. There is nothing to stop you. I certainly have no say in what you do or don't do. I can fast forward over anything I don't want to listen to or I can mute them. I love your tutorials. You are amazing. Thank you very much!

  • Mary Machado sagt:

    I had to watch this after the live video and was really upset that you had to change the format, I think its great that you talk everyone about the project, and all the products you use, this makes the project so much better, because a lot of us enjoy knowing what you are using and where to find materials. I sure hope you will return with your voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stunningly beautiful as always xxxx

  • Mother Cat sagt:

    I've seen some of your other creations so I knew it would be gorgeous. I was right. It is a stunner. Too bad you decided to change the way you work Angela but I understand the hassle isn't worth it sometimes. People can be such insensitive boobs.

  • Joan Shute sagt:

    Very,very pretty . You did a great job would like to have heard what you were using . It's a shame people are so opinionated and hurt other people in doing so . So until next time God Bless you and your family and A very Merry Christmas

  • C E W sagt:

    OMGOSH!! Are you kidding me? I love to listen to you chatting! What, somebody didn't like the "Pantycane?" Oh dear, some people are overly silly. We gal's need to joke a little to lighten our days. God bless you Angela. i enjoyed the talk. I hope you bring it back.

  • Don't like this way ….like to hear to conversations of the projects it more enjoyable to watch an besides make s headaches an motion sickness as fast as this goes rather hear the descent craft conversations please don't cave in to the haters….there are lots of other videos to watch if they like them fast an silent most the way through……makes a person not to want to try anything anymore no one wants to talk through anymore………make me sad

  • Linda Hill sagt:

    Missed hearing your cheery little voice! It is so sad that some people have nothing better to do than to make someone else change their videos to suit them–very selfish. Hope everyone's feelings are not too hurt in this supposed season of good will towards men…………bah humbug!!!

  • Diane Jolma sagt:

    Angela, I love watching you work and do enjoy listening to you interacting with ladies on the chat. There are some good conversations about crafting. I think what you need is someone to narrate the chat that understands the sensitivities of all viewers. Your work is so beautiful, that is why you have so many followers. Merry Christmas to you and Danny and your daughter.

  • I really like it when you explain your thought process, and also explain what you are doing and why you do it. I'm not a fan of music, and really enjoy when you interact, answer questions etc with those who are in your live chat. I really enjoy watching you create and speak in real time, as I do not like at all (I know I'm repeating myself) videos with music. Unless it's a music video 😉 Just my 2 cents……..I'll go re-watch one of your videos from this past month.

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