Diy 1, Spin Heart, Valentine Heart, Christmas Ornament, Shabby Chic Decor. lace heart.

Come Design with me. In this tutorial you will learn the design choices I make as I create this spinning heart. I hope you will be inspired to give my design your own twist.

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Tattered pink heart kit tutorial

Project shares

Tattered Flower Tutorials, I teach you my easy technique for creating beautiful tattered flowers.

You are introduced to my new flower making AlaLiz technique. I simplify and teach a no sew beautiful fabric flowers with various fabrics and a bit of melting.

Pink Ornament decoration dress tutorial tattered elegant

Tattered Pink Wreath Tutorial

Tips and Tricks, Shabby Chic style

Spin Heart Tutorial, Christmas Ornament or everyday decoration.

Spin Doily, Shabby Chic Decor. Or Christmas Ornament

Pink Bauble Decoration, Christmas or everyday decoration

Hauls, Thrift store finds. Come rejoice with me as I share my finds.

Wedding Dress deconstruction, I use vintage wedding dress in many of my designs learn how I take it apart to make it usable.

More easy to make flowers.

Flower tutorial no sew.

Flower tutorials no sew

Miscellaneous project shares



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