Art for Relaxation – Shabby Chic Flowers on a Wooden Plaque

Sometimes when I need more reference for a drawing or a character I’ll be animating, I’ll create a maquette. Usually these get torn down after I use them for reference so I can re-use the wooden bases. I happened to have this tiny wooden base sitting around with holes and cracks in it that I didn’t plan to use again sitting beside a jar of assorted gold and copper flakes. Waste not, want not. I thought the gold leaf and gel medium would be a good way to fill the holes and cracks and possibly create a great textured background for a painting. I applied the gel medium to the wood and used my fingers to place the leaf where I thought it would look best with a thicker application at the bottom to a thinner application at the top. I applied another layer of gel medium just to make sure the gold leaf was locked in before I started painting. I chose a motif of rose vines and gears because “these are a few of my favorite things”. I finished off the project with a gloss varnish to give it a little extra shine. The Liquitex gloss medium & varnish was great for this project because it allowed for a thin application that preserved the texture I wanted without adding in extra brush strokes when the varnish dried. – Jaime

Materials Used:
Lukas Acrylics:
– Yellow Ochre
– Iron Oxide Black
– Titanium White; Gold Bronze
– Phthalo Blue
– Cadmium Red deep (hue)
Golden Soft Gel Medium Semi-Gloss
Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish
Creative Inspirations Long Handle Brush Round 8
Creative Inspirations Long Handle Brush Round 4
Assorted gold and copper leaf flakes


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