Art Case “Sandstone Steinway” Grand Piano Model M Custom Hand Painted “Shabby Chic” $29,500.

See More Rebuilt and refinished Steinway Grand Piano Model “M,” 5’7″ with a one-of-a-kind hand-painted white sandstone finish. In keeping with the latest trends in home decor, we have commissioned this “shabby-chic” and unique work of art on a Steinway Model “M” 5’7″, made in 1927 during the “Golden Age” of Steinway manufacturing. We just put on new key-tops, strings, pins and dampers, upgraded and regulated the action and voiced the hammers. This piano has all excellent-condition Steinway parts. Rich sounding and responsive, this Steinway is both a beautiful work of art and a sublime-sounding instrument. Great candidate for a PianoDisc IQ Player System. Warranty. Worldwide shipping. Call or e-mail Sonny for further information at 631 475-8046 or!


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